Zanjia Tong

Zanjia Tong

M.Sc. Student

About Me

I am Zanjia Tong, a M.Sc. student in Robotics and Computer Vision Lab under the direction of Prof. Hong Zhang at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), since 09/2024. I received the B.E. degree in automation from the Guangdong University of Technology, in 06/2024. I previously worked on neural network-based computer vision. Currently, my research focuses on multi-view geometric computer vision.


  • Wise-IoU: bounding box regression loss with dynamic focusing mechanism. Zanjia Tong, Yuhang Chen, Zewei Xu, et al. arXiv (2023).

Honor and Awards

  • 2023 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling - Second Class Award (National)
  • 2023 Lan Qiao China Collegiate Programming Contest - Python Programming - Second Class Award (National)