Guangcheng Chen

Guangcheng Chen

Ph.D. Student

About Me

I am a PhD student, supervised by Prof. Hong Zhang, since 9/2023.


Research Introduction

My research interests focused on polarimetric imaging, including:

  1. 3D reconstruction
  2. Inverse rendering
  3. Transparent object reconstruction


  • Perspective Phase Angle for Polarimetric 3D Reconstruction [Paper] [Code]. Guangcheng Chen, Li He, Yisheng Guan, Hong Zhang. ECCV 2022.
  • Mapping While Following: 2D LiDAR SLAM in Indoor Dynamic Environments with a Person Tracker [Arxiv]. Hanjing Ye, Guangcheng Chen, Weinan Chen, Li He, Yisheng Guan, Hong Zhang. ROBIO 2021.
  • Cloud Learning-based Meets Edge Model-based: Robots Don’t Need to Build All the Submaps itself. Weinan Chen, Dehao Huang, Yaling Pan, Guangcheng Chen, Jiahao Ruan, Jingwen Yu, Jiamin Zheng, Hong Zhang. TVT 2023.