Changfei Fu

Changfei Fu

Ph.D. Student

About Me

Changfei Fu received his B.S. degree in Electronic and Information Engineering from CUMT, China University of Mining and Technology in 2020. He was a recipient of the first class scholarship at CUMT and the excellent award with a bronze medal of the international Robotic Competition Robomaster2018, and the first class award in Robomaster2019. Changfei Fu’s research interests are in robotic vision and navigation, especially those algorithms that can make a robot run in real-world. He is good at basketball and singing. He began to play basketball since he was a primary school student, joined the basketball team of EI collage in CUMT and received a bronze medal in the basketball game held by PCNL, Peng Cheng National Lab.


Research Introduction

VT&R (Visual Teach and Repeat) is a system to make the wheel robot track the trajectory it was taught by human. In the phase of teaching, the robot is controlled by operator to move along a trajectory on which the VSLAM system will reconstruct the environmental geometry. In the phase of repeating, the robot will autonomously track the trajectory it was taught with the localization service provided by the geometrical map.


  • Rumination Meets VSLAM: You Don’t Need to Build All the Submaps in Realtime.[Paper]. Weinan Chen†,Changfei Fu†, Shing-Yan Loo, Hong Zhang. IEEE Transcations on Industiral Electronics (2023).

  • Keyframe Selection with Information Occupancy Grid Model for Long-term Data Association[Paper]. Weinan Chen, Hanjing Ye, Lei Zhu, Chao Tang, Changfei Fu, Yonggang Chen, Hong Zhang. IROS (2022).

  • Moving target recognition based on HSV color space[Paper]. Changfei Fu, Bin Ye, Huijun Li. Control and Information Technology (2020).

Honor and Awards

  • 2018 Robomaster — Bronze Medal
  • 2019 Robomaster — First Class Award
  • 2019 Outstanding paper — CAC, China Automation Congress
  • 2017 Excellent Student of CUMT, China University of Mining and Technology
  • 2017 China Robot Competition — Third Class Award